Student Creates 'F*ck Trump' Lipstick That Sticks It To The Man

It's time to smash the patriarchy with some pretty stellar lipstick in the process.

Thanks to student Katie Sones, who attends Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, you can now own a lipstick that sticks it to the man (literally), you know, now that we live under the daily horrors of a Trump presidency.

The college junior is offering a"F*ck Trump" lipstick, whose purpose is to make a difference.


That's right, 50 percent of her profits gathered by her brand Lipslut go toward a women's charity that will be decided by customers' votes.

On her site, Katie breaks down the lipstick, writing,

50% towards charity, 100% against tyranny, and of course, 100% cruelty free.

Personally, I am very much down with those percentages.


Honestly, I feel like people would buy the lipstick based on its lofty purpose, but it's a pretty cool color, too. (She polled people on social media to help decide the shade.)

Katie Mustang News, her college paper,

After the election, everyone was saying, 'Donate to this and [to] that,' and I never donated, but I thought 'Why aren't I doing that?' People are going to buy lipstick either way, so if you could do that and have the money go somewhere that you support, that would be perfect.

It's true. Donating has never been so stylish and chic.

The lipstick's tagline?

Finally, a lipstick as bold as you.


Katie went on to tell Mustang News,

We really believe in people supporting a company that they can get behind. We want to integrate philanthropy into everyday life; why not support something you care about?

Amen. After reading that, I have nothing but prayer hands for days in response.

Well done, Katie. We all can't wait to see the next shade you've got ready to help fight the good fight.

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