True Or False: Mark Cuban Won $590 Million Powerball?

Many news sources are reporting that Billionaire Mark Cuban has won the Powerball Lottery. According the the Tampa Post, Cuban will be getting a payment of $590 million for his winning ticket.

"There are really just so many houses I don't yet own, and so many loose women I haven't yet banged," he wistfully explains in an exclusive interview. "This is really gonna help me achieve my goal of becoming the ultimate player."

If you believed this story, walk towards the nearest window, open it up, and jump out of it because you are a f*cking moron! Once again the satire website The Daily Currant has fooled many with their ridiculous fake articles. When will people learn to check their sources!?? The Tampa Post doesn't even exist!

This is the age of the internet, where whatever anyone posts MUST BE TRUE... This story is clearly incredibly false.

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