True Or False: 'Harry Potter' Writer J.K. Rowling Has Recorded Two Dubstep Albums

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Rolling Face?

There has been recent speculation that billionaire J.K. Rowling, the British author who wrote the "Harry Potter" series, actually has a second job: producing dubstep.

According to The Daily Mash, the 47 year old recorded two dubstep albums under the name "Burial" and was nominated for a Mercury Music Award, but was a no show.

“I just hear beats in my head all the time. Bom-ka bom-ka, bom-ka bom-ka, bom-ka, like that," Rowling said. “I only wrote 'Harry Potter' because I was trying to get enough money together for studio equipment and a better laptop."

As much as Slytherin and Ravenclaw both sound like potential DJ names, this rumor is unfortunately false. The Daily Mash, according to its about page, is a satirical website that posts spoof articles. Spoof, as in NOT real. As in, if you cite this website as an actual source, you are what we refer to here on earth as a f*cking idiot.

It was a joke! J.K! Get it!?

It would be cool, though, if Rowling were secretly a dubstep producer. Diagon Alley does sound like a shady underground venue.

Five points to Gryffindor!