Little Boy Hilariously Tells A Monkey On His Car To 'F*ck Off' (Video)

The scariest thing about being a parent is having kids who mirror everything you do.

My little 5-year-old cousin is constantly telling people she's "disappointed with their behavior." Having a creature that weighs less than your backpack scold you like a 48-year-old mother is a very weird experience.

I'm assuming the same is true for the parents of this little kid who tells a monkey on top of his car to "f*ck off!"

I'm not sure why a monkey is on their car, but I am sure this toddler is barely old enough to pronounce his own name, and he's somehow dropping F-bombs like a veteran.

Something tells me mom or dad has been telling things to "f*ck off" for years. It looks like it finally stuck.