9 Tips To Help You Get Away With Smoking Weed On NYC Streets

By Julian Sonny

The New York Post recently published an article titled "New Yorkers Are Smoking Pot In Public Like It’s No Big Deal" -- and it's true, no one really gives a f*ck anymore!

Still, weed is illegal in the city and sparking up on the middle of 5th Avenue in broad daylight might not be the best idea.

This isn't California, where police pretty much light the blunt for you. New York cops are a little less lenient, so being low-key is essential.

Depending on the mood of the officer, you'll either be warned, issued a ticket or they'll take your ass in if they don't like the way you look.

The question is: Is that a gamble you're willing to take during your lunch break? Let me answer that for you: Yes, of course it is.

There are rules to this sh*t and if ever you needed some type of stoner intuition, it's when you're smoking weed in the streets of NYC.

Because if you can smoke weed in New York, you can smoke weed anywhere. These tips below will ensure you get the job done.

Survey the block and ask yourself if this is a wise decision.

Well, how badly do you really need to blaze right now? Chances are bad.

You should always be mindful of anywhere you smoke, but especially in NYC. Definitely walk around and find an uncrowded area.

If the block already smells like complete ass (which there's a high chance of in New York), then this could be the spot!

Always make sure you're not near any precincts, heavy pedestrian foot traffic or little ass kids. There's nothing worse than disappointing them, their parents or their nannies.

Try to avoid blunts; joints are always preferred.

I know, this is asking for a lot but just listen -- blunts stank.

Not just as they're burning on the street but afterwards when you smell like a straight ass tray. No typo.

Joints are quick and effective and a spliff might even throw nosy-ass people off. Make sure you're rolled up and ready to avoid having to twist up on the street and you should be Gucci.

Still, like I said, this is a lot to ask for. Just live your life, fam.

Definitely avoid smoking in a large group but never do it dolo.

The A-B situation is always ideal, never try to roll around in a group larger than four because then sh*t gets complicated.

Not only does that mean more blunt time for you, but you won't draw as much attention and you'll be less of a liability.

Look, no one wants to get in trouble by themselves, so bring a friend with you. And less people means less chance of getting arrested, right? Right.

Never stay in the same spot for longer than 15 minutes.

As you smoke, you'll likely get paranoid and if more and more hating-ass pedestrians start to give you dirty looks like you ain't sh*t, that might be your cue to start walking.

About 15 minutes is what your internal clock should be set to and if you're trying to roll another one, think about switching up the block.

Remind your friends who like to talk that the blunt is not a microphone. Speed smoking is the name of the game so it's puff, puff, pass with your bitch ass.

Walk on a street that's going against the traffic.

In New York, streets go one way, so if you decide to stroll with it, always walk against the traffic during your sesh.

Walk mad slow and keep a vigilant eye for any suspicious cars (police) looking for suspicious people (you) and keep that sh*t on the low.

Keep that sh*t super-low-motherf*cking key.

Don't get all white boy with it and start thinking your invincible and above the law. Those who put themselves in compromising situations often get compromised.

Avoid blowing the smoke all crazy and try to actually cup the blunt with your hand, as if you were ashamed and had to hide it.

Smoking under scaffolding is always preferred.

For some reason, construction scaffolding is a lot like international waters in the sense there are no rules and anything goes.

Far worse drugs than weed are being done under those and if people stop you, just point to the dude hitting the crack pipe. Now they're the ones with the problem.

Have a white girl with you so it doesn't look hot boy.

I know, I know, it sounds crazy, but it's absolutely true.

Now, there are no official studies about a Caucasian female reducing your chances of getting caught smoking in the street, but believe me, it's accurate through personal case studies.

Chances are, she'll have a green drink on them, which is a good look and you should think about doing the same.

Keep them most visible, pointing outward in your sesh, and there will look like there's absolutely no suspicious activity whatsoever.

Smoke somewhere so obvious it's somehow low-key.

I know this pretty much nullifies the entire aforementioned article above but, hey, it's absolutely true.

Smoking in a spot where no one would ever think you'd have the audacity to smoke often throws them off and it could work.

Places like Central Park, Columbus Circle and/or outside the club when you're too wasted to care are all statement smoke spots.

Shock the world with the lack of f*cks you give and light up wherever you want and smoke weed every day. RIP Nate Dogg.