All The Crazy Thoughts That Go Through A Girl's Head When She Posts An Instagram Photo

by Ashley Fern

When it comes to the new-age social media apps, Instagram is leading the pack... at least when it comes to Millennials.

Instagram is great because it's fast, easy and straight to the point. Girls think, "I look really f*cking good in this picture, so you better give me some validation and like it."

Pathetic? Definitely. But standard practice? Obviously.

But before we post anything for all the world to see, we know it's imperative that we proceed with caution. Everyone isn't going to like your selfies and even fewer people are going to enjoy your #FitFam photos.

If you get 14 likes on pictures focusing on just your boobs, you're doing too much and should take a hint and never, ever do that again. But nope, no one ever learns from Insta-mistakes.

People like our pictures just for the sake of liking. Just remember: all the random likes you give encourage "stunters" to plague our feeds with ridiculous pictures.

And, of course, we don't unfollow them because it's too much fun taking screen-shots of their photos, blasting them to our group chats, and making fun of them.

Just me? Didn't think so.

With all of these ridiculous factors coming into play, what should and shouldn't you post? What goes through these people's heads?

Take a little sarcasm with your afternoon coffee because it goes a little something like this...


1. Is this Insta-worthy?

2. Will it get a lot of likes?

3. Wait, let me group chat my friends and double check.

4. Will my ex think I look good?

5. Is he looking?

6. Do I care?

7. Will this make me gain or lose followers?

8. Is geo-tagging the location too much or just enough?

Editing Thoughts:

1. Does this filter make me look tan?

2. Or fat?

3. Or pale?

4. What about hipster?

5. Does it look edited? If it looks like it's been retouched, that's just social suicide.

6. Hmm, I can't decide... let me screen shot every option and send them to my seven closest friends

7. Sh*t, everyone has a different opinion, now what?

8. Does that mean I shouldn't post it?

9. Do I actually look good?

10. Would guys think I look good or is this outfit too trendy?

11. It's the summer, why am I not naturally tanner?

12. How's my hair? What about my arm?

13. Does it look like I'm trying too hard... because I am trying way too hard?

14. Ugh, why is it that the arm is always the make or break?

15. Is there an app to fix that? Of course, there is.


1. My like-to-minute ratio is terrible.

2. Should I delete it?

3. WTF? How'd that person like that in two seconds?

4. Why are you liking my picture if you don't acknowledge my presence in public?

5. No, seriously, why?

6. Who is this person liking my picture, and why is he private?


8. Have too many people seen it already to get away with shadily deleting it?

9. Why is this person not liking my Insta?

10. Should I unfollow her?

11. Where are my friends?

12. Why aren't they liking this as soon as it's up?

13. What horrible friends, I hate them all.

14. Oh wait, they just liked it.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr