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Why The Things We Do On Our Phones Would Never Happen In Real Life

Everyone would know exactly what I "heart."

So much of our present-day lives revolve around our phones -- how we socialize with friends, flirt with new people, purchase products and update people. But, what would it all look like if we removed the phones and had to do all those things in real life?

The world would be filled with people shouting their updates from the rooftops, asking random passersby if their elbow rashes were, in fact, and harassing people with overly enthusiastic commentary on their brunch orders. And don't even get me started on poking people for real.

The great part about having a cell phone is it makes life easier. It helps you find where you're going, stay connected with your family and friends and just, every damn day.

"Generation whY" is back for its sixth Season to remind you, sometimes, it's better to let your phone do the talking for you.

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