This Video Is Literally All Of Us When Our Colleges Ask For Donations

You're alone in your apartment when your phone rings unexpectedly, punctuating the silence and jolting you out of your Netflix-induced stupor for the first time in hours.

You look down to see who's responsible for interrupting the tranquility only to discover it's an unknown number, but you can't help shake the feeling you've seen it somewhere before.

You stare at your screen for a few more seconds before building up the courage to answer the call. You slowly raise the phone to your ear and utter a hesitant "Hello?" A meek voice replies, chilling you to the bone as you immediately regret ever picking up in the first place.

The voice says,

Hi, my name is Andrea and I'm calling from [insert your alma mater here]...

They've found you. They've found you, and there's no escape.

If you've graduated from college, you learn very quickly there's nothing universities love doing more than asking former students who've just been burdened with tens of thousands of dollars in debt and an underwhelming job market for even more money for things they'll never get to enjoy again.

Above Average perfectly captured the anxiety every struggling 20-something feels when his or her college solicits him or her for money by making this fake trailer for "The Bothering," a movie that captures the true horrors graduates face out of school.

Your mascot is always watching.


Be sure to lock the door...