How The Ugliest Pokémon Tattoo Became An Overnight Internet Sensation (Photos)

You never want to wake up and discover that someone used your skin as the canvas for some (probably phallic) permanent marker art, but at least you can eventually wash off the ink (and the shame).

The same cannot be said for a tattoo, which one man discovered when he mixed a couple of substances that have a less-than-amicable relationship before deciding the whole "tattooing" thing isn't as hard as it looks.

He decided to test out the theory on his stomach, and this was the result:

You might be wondering what you're looking at. Is this the smoldering corpse of a salamander caught off guard? A racially insensitive Godzilla? A dick drawing altered at the last minute?

Those are all fantastic guesses, but the amateur tattoo artist was attempting to draw Charmander, which you probably know better as the Pokémon that looks almost nothing like that ink blob.

A Reddit user suggested the artist was actually trying to mimic a slightly more polished Tim Burton-inspired Charmander, but even if the result was a bit underwhelming, he seems fairly pleased with it.

The Internet, undoubtedly desperate to reach the high it felt during The Dress Incident, immediately latched onto a tattoo that makes an infinity symbol on your ankle seem like a fantastic idea.

If you're reading this, it's already been beaten to death, but here were some of the highlights before the Internet strangled it in cold blood.

The festivities kicked off when someone uploaded a slightly more polished version of the Pokémon Professor Oak probably would have euthanized.

That image eventually found its way onto a water bottle.

This led to a T-shirt tracking the evolution of the World's Saddest Charmander...

...which subsequently inspired a sweatshirt, hitting a level of meta I'm sure someone topped soon after. I'm not getting in that deep.

You're not a true Internet sensation until someone turns you into something you'd expect to find on Etsy.

That's far from the only thing people would buy ironically.

The highest bidder gets to ensure they have the ugliest piece of jewelry at the next social gathering they attend.

This is perfect for when you feel obligated to propose but don't actually want "Yes" for an answer.

The perfect way to complement it if she somehow accepts.

I assume Banksy did this.

"I choose... wait, can I choose someone else?"

What a truly touching underdog story and a great reminder to always...

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