Guy Gives Himself Hilarious Half-Sleeve Of Temporary Disney Tattoos (Photo)

You always hear stories about people blacking out and waking up with a tattoo of something they deeply regret -- such as Shrek's penis -- forever imprinted on their body.

This guy was a little more forward-thinking than your Shrek genitalia-emblazoned cousin. He just put $40 dollars of Disney-themed temporary tattoos on his arm.

Honestly, it probably took him longer to put these all on than it would have if he'd just gotten a tattoo of the word "titties" like a reasonable adult.

This guy's arm looks like the detritus of an acid fever dream.

That's basically the toughest ink I've ever seen.

Listen, if a guy with a thousand Mickey Mouse tattoos on his arm gets in your face at a bar, you walk the other way. You have no idea what a guy like that is capable of.