This Teen Just Released A Rap Music Video, And It's So F*cking Ratchet

There are some things on the Internet that cannot be fully explained or, most importantly, unseen.

Still, this is the Internet, and it's my job to find the worst sh*t on this bitch, so you can see for yourself and shake your damn head.

The latest viral sensation is teenage Vine star Amanda Hackey who just dropped the music video for her single "I Can't Dance." Like the title implies, she definitely cannot dance, and as the lyrics go, she's going to "still shake [her] ass, [she] don't give a f*ck."

What's wrong with this music video is a myriad of things.

It's all inexcusable and gross -- from the fact that someone actually filmed it and uploaded it to YouTube to the fact that someone let her twerk.

But clearly the biggest issue is, how the school systems are failing us by letting sh*t like this happen in the first place. Yes, I blame schools.