Student Bribes Teacher With Hilarious Cake After Being Late To Class All Year


Everyone knew that kid at school who just couldn't not be late. One of my best friends was that kid -- and is, now, that man.

There is just a part of his brain that makes it impossible for him to show up anywhere on time. It's like he has his own personal Daylight Saving Time. So now I just lie to him about when we're supposed to meet up, so he shows up 30 minutes late, right on time.

Anyway, usually the perpetually late kid and the teacher whose class she/he is always late to have a very contentious relationship.

This seems to have been the case between one teacher and student. To make amends, the student decided to extend an olive branch... in the form of a cake.

I wish I could solve all my problems with cake apologies. Sadly, I don't think the phrase "sorry mom for being such a disappointment and liking weed a bit too much" fits on a cake.

This brave, perpetually late student approached her teacher with her gift outstretched.

Onlookers watched with rapt attention to the negotiation.

The teacher took a closer look at the merchandise.

Please note the "I" is not capitalized.

At first he was shocked by the sheer boldness of the gesture.

Is he allergic to ass-kissing? Is he reaching for his EpiPen?

...Then he couldn't help but crack a smile.

It seemed to have been a success!

But we all know what he was actually thinking.


Editor's Note: The student was not actually expecting a better grade in exchange for the cake, and it was merely a humorous apology for being late to the class. 

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