20 Ways Tearaway Pants Made Your Childhood That Much Better

by Julian Sonny

When it comes to being completely versatile with your swag this summer, don't compromise your cozy because of social pressures.

Take it back to a time when everyone walked around ready for a pickup game of basketball or about to "party boy" the teacher.

Tearaway pants always made life so much easier, and not everyone is ready to admit that. It's OK.

Sure, to most, they're nothing more than some pimp ass sweats. But to innovators like me and you? We know they're much more.

You were always ready for any type of athletic challenge.

Game of basketball? No problem. Never played tennis before, but I'm ready! Connect Four? F*ck it, these sh*ts are coming off!

Even if you weren't athletic, you still looked like an athlete.

Not all of us were blessed with exceptional athletic ability and coordination. Tearaway pants were made for you.

Nothing felt better than coming home to a free crib and doing this.

Ripping off your clothes for maximum comfort was never easier. But, feeling like the man times 10 is what made doing it worthwhile.

You could easily get away from the cops.

The police may call it evidence, but I call it increasing your aerodynamics.

And your dance moves always looked way more gangsta.

You were probably rocking these when you first started learning about gang signs, too.

Plus, you always looked like a straight-up pimp.

You better believe Snoop keeps a dozen pairs on deck in his closet.

You were able to rip all your friends' pants off at school as a joke.

Teamwork was always essential here to distract a friend. Your homie better pray he's wearing some clean drawers underneath.

You could be a complete badass by not buttoning all of the buttons.

College Humor

Girls love badasses. Plus, they want to see a little ass too, right? If not, that breeze is essential.

Women respected the fact that you didn't waste any time.

She'll immediately know if she wants it or not.

You looked like a straight-up boss before you had sex.

Once these joints come off, she knows it's time for the business -- or time to run away.

You could be completely ready for a fight within seconds.

Nobody is going to f*ck with you if you pull one of these moves... well, maybe in prison.

For some reason, tearing them off even made us fight better.

You pretty much had a head start after warming up with the tearaway motion! Your swag from the pants always propelled you to a knockout punch.

We all needed to hit out "party boy" from time to time.

Spreading happiness shouldn't be looked down upon, but teachers would get it the worst!

Knowing you could start a party anywhere in the world is powerful.

Partying is a universal language. So is looking like a male stripper.

It was always a good way to debut new shorts.

Ever had a pair of fly shorts that needed a proper introduction? Tearaway pants were the only way to do it.

And for those days that were cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon, you were the one winning.

You'll always be ready to actually party.

Everyone knows these are the second-best type of parties.

You can low key wear slacks underneath if you want to go corporate.

The suits need to get their priorities straight and start getting on this cozy wave.

It was a workout in itself!

If you tear off, button and repeat a few times, you might actually burn a calorie.

You could always immediately let a hater know how you feel.

Hold deez nuts!

As much as we miss tearaway pants, just remember, you have to button them back up.