15 Hilarious Tattoo Cover-Ups That Are So Bad, They're Actually Good


Getting a tattoo is like having sex with a stranger: Sometimes it's great and you think of it fondly for the rest of your life and other times you get herpes and the only thing you can do is try to cover it up.

And as far as tattoo cover-ups go, they are also like sex with a stranger: They can either be good or herpes (this metaphor is really getting away from me).

Anyway, I've compiled 15 of the best and worst tattoo cover-ups I could find.

These will make you think twice before you get tattooed -- and maybe for a lonely dude out there with a "LET'S PORK" tattoo on his penis, these will inspire him to turn it into a dragon with a pelican in its mouth.

I put this one first because it's better than the Mona Lisa.

Most tattoo cover-ups involve, unsurprisingly, ex-girlfriends/boyfriends.

They generally follow this pattern.

And by "generally," I mean always.

I guess you can always cover a faded, bad tattoo with a bright, bad tattoo.

Hm, what tat should I get? A Lakers-inspired sea horse, OBVIOUSLY.

But don't worry, sometimes they can be pretty rad.

Some people decide to be "clever" with their tattoo removals.

Of course, some are more successful than others.

Some people decide to take a perfectly great "poon slayer" tattoo and turn it into an emo rose.

I bet this kanji means, "I hate my leg."

This guy wanted to be a bit less obvious and a bit more coy.

This dude took his small, bad "Halo" tattoo and made it into a big, bad "Halo" tattoo!

And finally, there's this one.