Street Artist Draws Penises Around Potholes So They'll Get Fixed (Photos)

I once spent two hours in a U-Haul that might not have had any suspension at all dodging potholes on a poorly-maintained stretch of highway, during which I learned why people call them "the turbulence of roads."

I actually just made that up, but I think it could really catch on.

The worst part is that fixing a pothole isn't exactly an overwhelming undertaking -- it doesn't take a team of civil engineers to pour a bunch of asphalt into a hole until it's not a hole anymore.

It's a simple task, which is exactly the kind of project most municipalities are terrible at completing efficiently.

As a result, potholes have a tendency to pile up, and there's normally not much incentive to fix them.

However, one spray-painting vigilante -- dubbed "Wanksy" for reasons you should understand -- is encouraging the English town of Bury to fix its pothole problem by drawing penises around them.

After all, no one wants to live in a place known as "the town with dicks all over the street."

So far, this theory has proven true, even if the city council might disagree with his methods.

The literal street art, like the potholes, comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Some are bigger than others...

...and some are just hanging out with a friend.

It's not always just a penis. That would get boring.

How progressive.