Genius Store Invents A Way To Plow Snow While Sitting On The Toilet (Video)

Talk about freezing your butt off!

That last sentence is how I would have started this article if I wrote for a local news outlet where corniness is not encouraged but required. Seeing now that it's technically still the first sentence, I feel like I should mention I can do better.

Anyway, the reason I opened with such a terrible line is that workers at a hardware store in Maryland decided to make a rideable snowplow with a toilet for a seat.

Their motivation for doing so is not entirely clear.

I'm assuming the toilet isn't functional, just like I'd assume there's a rule that says you're not allowed to use it, but you'll have a hard time convincing me that rule has been followed since the snowplow was first created.

Also, speaking of bad puns, the contraption is called "Loo-cy." Because British people call toilets "loos." Nailed it.

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