Kids Who Did The Stone Cold Stunner At Graduation Didn't Get Diplomas

In an unfortunate but not shocking turn of events, the two high school students who executed a perfect Stone Cold Stunner at their graduation are in big trouble.

As you would imagine, the administration wasn't too thrilled with it and decided to withhold their diplomas.

But did you really think they were going to walk out with them?!

In an interview with Local 10, one of the students, Nicholas Dean, said,

They told us we should be embarrassed and ashamed.

The other student involved, Joseph Castro, added,

The administration was 'very disappointed' that we had done that.

Putting aside the trouble they got in, the two had no idea their stunt would make them viral sensations.

As for if they'd do it all over again, you'd better believe it! They both agree it was totally worth it.

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