Lifestyle — 5 Stages Of Running Into Your Ex's New Girlfriend For The First Time

You don't miss your ex. In hindsight, he was an atrocious specimen of stunted growth. What even WAS his name? Exactly. You forgot, we forgot and, baby, you're free from that insecure dude now.

That is until you spy his new girlfriend while getting lunch with your best bud, and, of course, you're intrigued -- even more so when she happens to be everywhere you are at all times.


Before you have an absolute breakdown, take a deep breath. She's probably NOT single, white female-ing you, and you also don't have to act like the crazy woman society wants you to be.

And heck, she's maybe not even dating your ex anymore...

But, does it honestly even matter?

In the final episode of "5TAGES" season four, Christie comes to terms with her incalculable, societally ingrained jealousy. Women SHOULD be friends, especially when guys are involved.

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