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8 People Who Took On St. Patrick's Day Yesterday And Lost

Yesterday, I failed to catch a leprechaun for the 25th straight year, but I did what I could to make up for my failures by partaking in as many Irish traditions as possible, paying very special attention to the ones that involved alcohol.

I felt the repercussions of honoring my heritage this morning when I just barely stopped myself from smashing my phone into the wall to silence the marimbas that began taunting me the second I woke up, but I rallied. I had to.

After all, the activities associated with March 17 have nothing on the one St. Patrick's Day tradition I look forward to the most: going online and looking at pictures of people who severely overestimated their tolerance.

I had a harder time tracking down pictures today than I have in the past. I'm not sure if that's because people are learning to drink more responsibly or if they've just gotten smarter about what they're putting on the Internet for everyone to see.

However, I still managed to find a few.

Oh look -- it's a visual metaphor for how most people felt this morning.

At least he still has his cool necklace.

Over an hour? Someone's abs are going to hurt tomorrow.

You could make the argument that anyone who hasn't passed out before the sun goes down is doing St. Patrick's Day wrong.

That's just a leprechaun. If this guy didn't ask to be taken to his pot of gold, he literally missed a golden opportunity.

Just came home to some drunk kid passed out in my house.#StPatricksDay #MSU — NEIL (@NeilPirochta) March 17, 2016

Sometimes a text says more than a picture ever could.

Maybe he should enter a 12 step progr... nope, not finishing that.

WARNING: The following picture is of a toilet covered in vomit. However, the aforementioned vomit traveled up the esophagus of someone who spent the entire day drinking green beer.

You could probably make the argument that it's art. Scroll accordingly.

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