Someone Already Got Edible D*cks In The Mail From An Anonymous Sender

by Gillian Fuller

Breaking news: Edible dicks are delicious.

That's what one of the first recipients of Dicks by Mails' gummy penises says, anyway.

Imgur user budwik took to the image-sharing site to share the experience with the phallic candy, which was ominously delivered via an unmarked manila envelope.

The first photograph features the package itself while the second shows the contents of the package (a note reading “Eat A Bag Of Dicks” and a small cellophane package stuffed full of technicolor candy cocks). The third is of the gummy candies in the recipient's hand.

Via captions, budwik reports feeling “offended, but delighted” upon opening the package, adding, “The worst part is… they're delicious.”

See the snaps below.

No return address = anonymous sending.

There is no mistaking the message of this gift.

Send to someone you hate to love (or love to hate).