9 Pictures That Prove Dads Should Never Be Allowed On Social Media


There seems to be a fundamental change in the way your brain functions when you become a dad: Cargo shorts are suddenly viewed as fashionable, puns are viewed as the purest form of humor and the music of Steely Dan becomes virtually irresistible.

I don't know if there have been any studies conducted to examine this phenomenon, but it would appear having a child also makes it virtually impossible for you to use any type of technology without doing something that proves you don't really understand how it works.

The Internet is filled with examples of dads who don't entirely get concepts that are second nature to younger generations, and while parents are slowly figuring out the whole texting and selfies thing, there are still plenty of gaps in their technological knowledge.

The most prevalent examples seem to transpire on social media -- or, as most older people know it, "The Facebook."

Most parents are worried about what their children are posting online, but based on what these dads posted, their kids are the ones who should really be concerned.

This brings "oversharing" to an entirely new level.

More like "The Wanking Dad" (I'm not British, but I couldn't pass up that opportunity).

It's nice he's looking out for his son, but it looks like they might need to have a discussion about boundaries.

In fairness, that's a really, really sexy shadow.

I'm not sure what's worse: the impressive amount creepiness or the fact he signs his posts with "Dad." It's probably the first one... but it's pretty close.

No child deserves to log on and see this.

Someone needs to take a closer look at the definition of "must."

You know what? This dad can stay.

So can this one.