9 Ways Your Snapchat Filter Reveals What You Really Think About Yourself

We all use Snapchat filters sort of like safety nets when we're having slow news days (aka, we have nothing else to Snap about).  Although they can be pretty entertaining – and often times, hilarious – it's good to be aware of what your Snapchat filter says about you.

Your filters can determine the number of views your Snaps receive. Here is a useful guide about how and when to use your Snapchat filters effectively:

1. The Cute Filter

Better known as the "basic bitch” filter, this category includes that adorable puppy dog face you use to hide the fact that you haven't taken off the previous night's makeup or the cute kitty ears that totally transform your lazy day look to effortlessly chic.

These filters are total thirst traps. But if used properly, they can definitely help you lure in some extra attention from that cute guy or girl you've been Snapping back and forth with. But beware: Everyone can see right through that wet-dog nose and sassy kitten tail. We all know you didn't get out of bed today, and you failed to live up to "never not working."

Oh, well. That's OK. There's always tomorrow, and we all respect that your Snapchat game is strong.

2. The Morph Filter

Not only do these filters morph your face into something that makes you look like you came straight from “The Hills Have Eyes,” but they are also actually pretty hilarious.

These filters show the world you have a pretty awesome sense of humor, and you aren't afraid to laugh at yourself. But remember: Most people snoop around social media because they want to see the real you. So if you use them too much, these morph filters will have people quickly moving on to saucier Snapchat stories.

3. The Face Swap

This filter, much like the morph filter, is pretty hilarious when done right. It's always a welcome surprise when we get to see what you would look like if you had your boyfriend's beard or were wearing your girlfriend's makeup. But please, be warned: These can get pretty addictive and, in turn, pretty annoying.

Seeing a face swap once or twice in your story is cute. But getting your entire family together for a photo op is nobody's idea of entertainment. You are sure to see a drastic change in your views quickly.

4. The Scary Filter

These are your zombie filters or that evil bunny that scared the sh*t out of you the first time you used it. If you use these filters often, it's in your best interest to realize you may be coming off as a sort of morbid person. This may not be your intention.

Perhaps you have nothing better to do tonight than try out all the featured filters. Maybe you just happen to be into blood and gore. Either way, it's getting weird. You should stop.

5. The Classic Filter

The classic filters include the smiley face puking rainbows, the sad face with the ocean of tears and the big eyes with the rosy cheeks. If you use these filters, you are probably the type of person who uses Snapchat filters solely to express how you are feeling.

That's exactly what they were made for. You have figured out the key to Snapchat success, and I commend you for it. You rarely use Snapchat filters. But when you do, you use them with purpose.

It's always a nice surprise to see your lovely face puking up some rainbow junk. It's just how you feel about the fact that it's Friday.

6. The Clock Filter

The time filter – or clock filter – is usually used for one of two reasons. It's probably really early and you're out and about, or it's probably really late and you're out and about. Either way, you're awake at an unreasonable hour, and you need the world to know.

This filter can also come in handy while you're proving to your boyfriend or girlfriend what you were doing, and why you were out so late. “There was a huge accident on the interstate, babe. Look, it was 2:50 am. You see?” Argument over.

You may also use this filter because you're a total stoner, and you feel the need to declare it's 4:20 every time it comes around. Or maybe it's 11:11, and you just made a special wish.

7. The Speed Filter

The speed option is probably only used if you're stuck in traffic. We've all been there.

You're hating life, so you decide to take a picture of the massive array of cars in front of you and display the big “0 mph” sign over it. Just remember not to Snap and drive.

Or perhaps, there is the mere chance that the roads are wide open. So, you take advantage and try to see what your old jalopy can do. Therefore, you can display the "90 mph" sign over a picture of your dashboard. Again, don't Snap and drive.

8. The Snail, Fast-Forward Or Reverse Filter

This is the holy trinity of Snapchat filters. They say all good things come in threes, and that's completely true in this case.

Although they may be some of the most underrated Snapchat filters, these three bad boys can give life to any mediocre Snap. Whether you're just walking, talking or taking a bite out of that greasy burger, it has never looked better. Thank these triplets.

9. The Combination Filter

If you're an avid Snapchat user, you must be familiar with this trick. If you pick a filter, and then hold down your finger on the screen while continuing to swipe through filters, you can achieve what is known as a "combo." You can combine two filters in one.

This pretty much makes you a triple threat in the Snapchat world, and it can help you become an artist of Snaps. Throw in some emojis or draw in some extra doodles. Then, write a funny punchline and you, my friend, have created Snapchat gold.

Sadly, it can only be viewed for up to 10 seconds. But that's the beauty of it, right?

Now that I've covered the basics of Snapchat filters, I hope you can make an informed decision while choosing to use one. If you happen to know someone who still uses these filters incorrectly, please feel free to refer him or her to this article. Good luck and happy Snapping.