Why Smoking Weed With Your Parents Is Beneficial For Your Relationship

by Julian Sonny

If you've never experienced the awkward litness of smoking weed with your mother and/or father, then your parents must be mad foreign.

Blowing trees is a lot like paying taxes -- as soon as you get older, the whole family's doing it!

I'm not suggesting you ask your folks if they want to throw down every time you cop, but an occasional holiday joint (especially before and after your Thanksgiving meal) is something everyone enjoys.

Besides, it's become an unwritten rule that as a child, you must light your parents up when the time is right. I hope my future children are aware of that.

Of course, it also has intangible effects, like the urgency for more Fruit Roll-Ups at the crib and your parents finally understanding why you dropped out of college.

Simply put, there are just too many benefits of getting stoned with your parents.

The first rule to smoking weed with your parents...

Don't panic... not letting them know how much you actually smoke.

Whether your an entry-level pothead or seasoned stoner, it's best to keep your marijuana frequency to yourself.

Just know they're probably doing the same thing...

Chances are, your parents have been blowing loud since the 70s.

But be aware: That means they lived through the 80s, so the chances of them messing around with crack are higher than you'd hope.

...and you have absolutely nothing to hide anymore.

Finding out your parents smoke weed, too, is one of the greatest moments in anyone's life.

It's up there with your baptism, high school graduation and first pregnancy scare.

Soon, you'll realize your parents need it as much as you do.

No, Dad, I only have that loud. GOD!

So, now, you can turn the tables around if need be.

And where the hell is the meatloaf, Ma?!

You'll never have to go through this again:

No more covering up your alternate lifestyle. The same goes for your parents.

Isn't it great when everyone just sees eye to eye?

A lot of famous people smoke weed with their children.


Don't worry, your family isn't weird. A lot of people blaze with their parents.

And at least they're not hypocrites who don't let you smoke and wait for you to go to bed so they can light it.

At least you're spending some quality time together!


Imagine if your father taught you how roll a blunt instead of ride a bike?

At least you'd be using one of those skills for the rest of your life. Definitely not that latter, though.

Smoking together means finding out you have more in common.

Oh, you don't give a f*ck? Cool, me neither!

Listening to music with your mom becomes a new experience...

Who would've known your parents could put you on to old jams you didn't even know you f*cked with?

And who would've known your mom was already listening to Fetty Wap? Fire!

...and she'll have no problem being honest about your new boyfriend.

Mama keeps it real!

Just make sure to keep Dad away from the bong...

Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Not everybody is ready for that bong life. And you're not trying to be straight paralyzed while chilling with the parents!

...because he's not really about this life.

Look Dad, I know you're an OG in the game, but I'm not trying to see you with any weaknesses.

Let's keep it strictly papers and roll-up.

Nobody wants to be like this kid...

Now, you know why Jimmy didn't finish his veggies.

...when everyone can just be like this kid!

What a grade-A scumbag! But, business is business.

So, in 2015, it's time to get past the social stigmas of marijuana...

This is actually a real picture. Only the snacks were Photoshopped out and the young man woke up an hour later.

...and finally start listening to your dad's advice.

A really wise man once said that.

Maybe, one day, we'll be lucky enough for our kids to say the same thing.


But this is the greatest wisdom anyone can give to both parents and children: