Friends Record Car Singalong With Selfie Stick And It's An Epic Failure (Video)

From the chicken and the egg to the meaning of life, existential riddles with no definitive answers have been pondered by man for thousands of years.

The people in this video are proudly carrying on the legacy.

In this particular case, the question is simple:

If you do something quirky with your friends and don't record it so other people can watch, did you actually do anything quirky at all?

In this case, the "something quirky" happens to be singing along to "Baby Come Back" while documenting the performance with a selfie stick. Based on the fact this video exists, the people in it obviously think the answer to the aforementioned question is, "Heck no."

Strangely enough, it also appears to be the answer to the question,

Can you use a selfie stick and not do something stupid?

Watch the video above to see the hilarious selfie stick fail.

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