15 Signs That Summer Has Officially Come To An End


Pumpkin Spiced Everything has started to hit the shelves, "meaningful football" can finally be used as an excuse not to leave your apartment for an entire weekend and you will be brutally assaulted by the Fashion Police for wearing white in public.

These signs all point to one conclusion: Summer is finally coming to a close.

There are still a couple of weeks left before the calendar officially recognizes the transition to the most unappreciated season, but everybody knows the equinox is just an arbitrary indicator of the start of autumn.

If you really want to know when to mourn the end of the summer, just look out for some of these signs:

1. You can no longer use "the heat" to justify ordering food for dinner every night and leaving your oven untouched for weeks at a time.

2. Iced coffees have been replaced by lattes on Instagram.

3. Real tans have also been replaced... by spray tans.

4. You can look at your electric bill without crying.

5. You saw a dog wearing a sweater.

6. The only festivals you're getting invited to have "Harvest" in their name.

7. Unnecessary straw hats are replaced by unnecessary knitted ones.

8. You've decided you care more about the taste of seasonal beers than what you look like with your shirt off.

9. Salted rims get replaced by ones made of cinnamon sugar.

10. You still devote your weekends to eating and drinking too much. You just do it at a tailgate instead of a BBQ.

11. You can't remember why you ever liked Fetty Wap.

12. You suddenly remember how much you hate the word "autumn."

13. You keep getting creeped out by those bumpy gourds that start to pop up everywhere.

14. You spend more time working on fantasy football than working out.

15. You've already started making weekend plans months in advance so you can have an excuse to get out of apple picking with your girlfriend.