12 Ways You Can Tell Your Roommate Got Way Too Drunk Last Night (Photos)

I've heard rumors of people who have somehow manage to go their entire lives without having to share their living space with another person and if they do in fact exist, they should not be allowed to vote because of their general lack of perspective when it comes to life.

Having a roommate is one of those things that seems normal until you taste the other side and realize sacrifices you were forced to make in college (and the ones you made after graduating and realizing your degree didn't come with all of the money you were promised as a a kid).

In the best case scenario, you live with someone you know you get along with who's been vetted for quirks that make you irrationally angry.

In the worst case scenario, you understand how it the real Ned Schneebly felt in "School of Rock."

I've been just unsuccessful enough to have the chance to cohabitate with a number of people over the years, so I've gotten to experience a range of colorful personalities -- like the exchange student who practiced the same violin piece for two hours a night for almost three straight months.

You might be shocked to learn that particular individual wasn't a big partier, but the same can't be said for many of the people I've lived with since bonding with my freshman roommate over our love of the Dave Matthews Band.

Even if I didn't spend the night out with those people, I learned that there are certain signs you can look for in the morning to figure out how drunk they got the night before.

In most of these pictures, I'm assuming the answer to that query is "very."

"This is how they opened cans before can openers." -A drunk person who doesn't know anything about the history of can openers

The idea of long-term consequences doesn't exist when you're locked out of your room between 1 and 5 am.

Finding your roommate passed out on the couch is one thing. This is a little bit different (although it would serve as the perfect way to kick off the intervention).

The same could be said for this, concerning the whole "intervention" thing.

I also keep a box of packing peanuts underneath my bed in case I can't find the energy to pass out on top of it.

I've always said farts make everything funnier, and I think it's safe to say googly eyes are the "farts" of inanimate objects.

This person's understanding of bowls of cereal is about as good as Dennis Reynolds' grasp on tequila shots.

They were probably really confused when they woke up with one foot covered in raw egg and broken shells.

Onions are like ogres: they both have layers and if you take a bite out of one you'll immediately regret it.

Sometimes "I'm sorry" will never be enough.

I once made the mistake of going to the bathroom after cutting jalapenos and can safely say Sriracha should never be placed in a position where it can be confused for soap.

Sometimes you don't even have to speculate.