The 'Selfie Shoe' Is The Most Convenient Way To Take A Perfect Selfie (Video)

by Connor Toole

Over the past year or so, the selfie stick has cemented itself as the fanny pack of phone accessories -- even though it might be useful, people are going to judge you for actually using one in public.

That hasn't stopped narcissists everywhere from employing them in places they probably shouldn't, and much like the pouch your dad wore around his waist when you went to Disney World, it's not exactly the hippest thing ever.

Miz Mooz saw the need for a more stylish way to take your own picture, and it released a promotional video for the revolutionary Selfie Shoe just in time for April Fools' Day.

With that being said, don't let me stop you from thinking they're real, so you can get irrationally angry at humanity.