Scientifically Accurate 'Pinky And The Brain' Will Ruin Your Childhood (Video)

It's not always the best idea to think too hard about the cartoons we watched as kids.

For example, in real life, Bugs Bunny would have immediately been shot, skinned and cooked; Tom would've turned Jerry into digested poop and Arnold's little hat would've fallen off his football head in the first episode.

But a team of animators decided to do just that: They reanimated the "Pinky and the Brain" intro to feature the two genetically enhanced lab mice under more realistic conditions.

In other words, they made everything awful and terrifying and gross.

You see, the life of a lab mouse makes breaking every bone in your body seem about as painful as standing in line for a little too long at Papa Johns.

We all know this, but these animators made us think about it, which was pretty messed up if you ask me.

So, goodbye childhood.