Childhood Ruined: Scientifically Accurate Barney Is Terrifying (Video)

Countless parents have put their trust in Barney, a giant purple dinosaur with a penchant for musical numbers, to guide their kids down the right path over the years.

Unfortunately, constantly singing about love doesn't cancel out the fact that at his very core, Barney is one thing and one thing only: a Tyrannosaurus rex.

He may have been able to suppress his primal urges on the show, but if he had ever snapped, it would not have been a pretty scene.

Infamously twisted YouTube channel ADHD decided to make its own version of the "Barney and Friends" theme song about a daycare center run by a scientifically accurate dinosaur, and as you might expect, it contains a lot more carnivorous activity and T-rex penis than any episode I can remember.

I'm not normally one to go with the whole "childhood ruined forever" rhetoric, but this one might be hard to come back from.