Introducing Schlep: The Uber Run By Jewish Mothers (Video)

Oy vey! It seems like every other day a new on-demand car service pops up, with another outrageous promo pushing customers to download an app.

Whether it's Uber, Lyft, Gett or any other service, they're all essentially offering competitive rates and services, threatening to put yellow cabs out of business, and leaving consumers flustered with so many options. But now there is one standing out from the rest...

Introducing, Schlep: the first on-demand car service that uses "Jewish Geography" navigation. Rather than having a driver who doesn't speak English or has little to say, Schlep provides a nice Jewish mother to chew your ear off until you get to your final destination.

Who better to ensure you're dressed appropriately, sufficiently fed, and to play matchmaker than a good ol' Yenta?

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