Samuel L. Jackson's Savage Live-Tweeting Of The Olympics Deserves A Gold Medal

Samuel L. Jackson is famous for two things, primarily. The first is being an extremely talented, prolific actor, and the second is for yelling “MOTHER FUCKER” at snakes in the sky.

I expect he'd prefer if we focused on the former, but sometimes, we Americans find it hard to forget about how good people are at cursing (exhibit B: Jesse saying “BITCH!” in "Breaking Bad").


Anyway, Samuel Jackson has brought his specific talent for artful yelling to Twitter for the Olympic Games.

Yeah, Samuel Jackson is singlehandedly trying to make 2016 not the worst year in human history by live-tweeting the Olympics.

The tweets in question are somehow both extremely funny and extremely boring. It's very important, as you read these, you picture Samuel L. Jackson shouting them. If you do this, they will suddenly bloom gloriously off the screen like time-lapse roses.

This next tweet is essentially a metaphor for this country's entire history.

No, O'Mally, you are not alone.

Don't even know what that last one means.

Honestly, it doesn't even matter which event he's talking about.

He's just so encouraging. I wish he'd live-tweet other things. Namely, me at the gym because, as it stands, I go to the gym like someone browsing a bookstore selling books in a language he or she does not speak. I could use some positive reinforcement.

Alec Macdonald

So, thank you, Samuel. We needed this.

Go, USA.


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