Who Said It: Donald Trump Or Olaf From 'Frozen'?


On Saturday, Donald Trump tweeted this meme, which everyone everywhere immediately saw as anti-Semitic.


A six-pointed star, on a pile of money, tweeted out from a man who has sourced his memes in the past from neo-Nazi websites and has the full support of the KKK, members of which he famously refused to denounce. Needless to say, this really doesn't look good. Trump can only get away with, “Whoops, sorry that was racist,” 1,000 times. And this is the 1,001st.

For reference, this is the Star of David that Jews in Germany were forced to wear by the Nazis.

He responded to the outcry by saying it wasn't a reference to the Star of David, it was a “sheriff's star.”

Which is basically like a person with tremendous support from the anti-Christian community posting a negative meme with a cross on it and defending themselves by saying “IT'S A PLUS SIGN!”

He followed up his explanation that it was just a regular, non-anti-Semitic star with this tweet today:

OK (...deep breath...) two things about this:

First of all, and most inexcusably, Donald Trump missed the opportunity to use a “come on, 'Let It Go'” reference in this tweet, which is evidence enough that he's not qualified to be our president. He's not even good at being a bad person.

Second of all, Donald, you REALLY don't want to be referencing Disney to defend yourself for having shared an anti-Semitic tweet. Seeing as, you know, Walt Disney has been FAMOUSLY accused of being an anti-Semite. Dude hated him some Jews big time. Sure, he's been dead for a while, but Jesus Christ, get better at this, Donald. Don't you have a team? Or is your presidential campaign just you in a room with a pile of Adderall and a cell phone?

Hillary responded with this pretty amazing Frozen reference:

And, the kind people of Twitter threw down all kinds of brutal burns (like the one below) so I that don't have to.

Anyway, I decided that writing about politics shouldn't always be doom and gloom, it should also be fun! So I made this challenging quiz, going along with Trump's Pixar theme!

Try to guess if Trump said it or if Olaf from Frozen did. (Sorry if this is really hard. It's crazy how similar they are.)