8 People Ryan Gosling Looks Like With His New, Weird Black Hair (Photos)

You've probably heard a sporadic yet steady stream of high-pitched screams of terror over the course of this afternoon as more and more people learn about one of the darkest stories of the day.

I'm obviously referring to the news that Ryan Gosling dyed his hair black... because I enjoy hyperbole as much as I like terrible puns.

This is certainly a new look for the famously blonde Gosling and to be honest, it's kind of like looking at a totally different person -- a person who resembles a few other famous people both present and past.

And by "past," I mean "mostly people from the 90s."

Whatever Jonas Brother this is.

Screech, who he should have played  in the "Saved By The Bell" Lifetime movie.

Shia LaBeouf, back in his saner days.

Cory Matthews completes the 90s Child Star Trifecta.

Dorothy Mantooth's favorite son.

Tom Hanks in full 90s mode.

Michael Imperioli, the guy who will only be in your production if he can be a gangster or a cop.

Who wouldn't want to look like Paul Rudd in "Clueless"?