Will Ferrell Roasting Justin Bieber As Ron Burgundy Is Perfect (Video)

A couple of weeks ago, a seemingly random assortment of comedians and celebrities gathered in Los Angeles for the "Roast of Justin Bieber," which aired last night on Comedy Central.

As each guest took the mic and directed various verbal barbs at Bieber, you could see his smile fading a bit as he struggled to maintain the nonchalant facade he decided to go with when he took a seat on the stage.

Suddenly, an unlikely hero emerged: Will Ferrell -- or more accurately, Will Ferrell playing Ron Burgundy, the lead character from "Anchorman" and absolutely no other movie that would tarnish its good name.

Burgundy decided he had to come to Justin's defense -- in the same way Stephen Colbert defended President Bush in 2006 (read: not really).

It's OK, Justin. We can just say those were tears of laughter.