This Couple Had The Most Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner At Taco Bell

Working on the Internet is kind of similar to being a member of the Nebuchadnezzar crew in "The Matrix." You spend most of your day staring at a screen until you begin to recognize patterns among the images and articles you unconsciously digest all day.

Some of these reoccurring themes are more obvious than others; it's not exactly surprising websites are going to suddenly start featuring articles about Valentine's Day around the middle of February.

However, when you work on the Internet for way too long (as I have), you start to notice even subtler and more specific trends. For example, I know as soon as January ends, it's only a matter of time until I see an article featuring pictures of fast food restaurants inexplicably framing themselves as "romantic."

I could never decide if these offers were incredibly ill-advised promotional events or brilliant examples of viral marketing because bringing your girlfriend somewhere with self-serve soda machines on February 14 seems like a good way to not have a girlfriend on February 15.

However, most people wouldn't attempt to capture the ambiance of a classy restaurant in a Taco Bell -- like this guy did.

This man (who may or may not be the first sober person in a suit to ever enter a Taco Bell) arrived early to the restaurant to make sure everything was picture-perfect.

Given the amount of flatulence Taco Bell normally inspires, I feel like having open flames would be a safety hazard.

The plates are meant to make the diners think of the toilets they'll occupy later on in the night.

Pictured: the classiest Taco Bell menu you'll ever see.

The first course: Ensalada de Pollo Asado.

The guest of honor seemed to enjoy herself.

The second course: Tostada al Trapo...

...expertly paired with Baja Blast, the bottle of which I can only assume was chilled in a silver ice bucket next to the table.

Last but not least, the dessert course: empanadas.