Girl Absolutely Destroys Guy's Prom Proposal Without Even Realizing It (Video)

Prom is a staple of American life. It's that special day when we fetishize youth and convince our kids that the pinnacle of their life is six drunk hours in fancy clothes when they're 18.

Like the rise in marriage proposal videos, filmed "PromPosals" (prom proposals) are now somehow a really big thing.

After all, asking someone to go to a school event for a night is the same as asking a person to sleep in your bed for the rest of his or her life and possibly combine your DNA to produce a new human to raise together.

The difference is honestly negligible.

But sometimes these prom proposals don't go as planned. That is the case for this guy's attempt to ask a girl (possibly his girlfriend?) to prom using signs on the side of the road.

I won't give it all away, but let's just say there is 99 percent too much crying.