The Most Ridiculous Compilation Of Hipsters Trying Too Hard To Be Hipsters That Will Put All Hipsters To Shame

Why did the hipster burn his hand? Because he touched it before it was cool.

Hipsters have become so ridiculous these days that they are now looked at like animals at the zoo. That's right, all you hipsters out there. We stare at you because you look crazy, not cool.

There's just something about watching a twenty-something kid dress like a 70-year-old man and think he looks hot. But he probably actually does get some hot hipster girls.

You guys live in your Brooklyn labyrinths, sipping espresso and soy lattes. You buy all the expensive organic food then head to Urban Outfitters for a new top hat.

But all of this is child's play because you will never be as hipster as these people. So just put down the vegan fries and pre-war typewriter now, because it's over. Here is the most ridiculous compilation of photos of the most hipster kids ever spotted.

H/T: RSVLTS, Photos Courtesy: RSVLTS