Guy Posts About A Goat On Reddit, Draws Attention To His Eyebrows Instead

There's only one rule to trolling on the Internet: There are no rules.

From commenting, to Photoshopping, to creating memes and GIFs, people can be brutal. One Reddit user by the name of chirv, a guy from Virginia, now knows that firsthand.

What started as an innocent Snapchat turned into a viral sensation this afternoon, when the Reddit user posted a photo of himself being followed by a goat on his morning run. He captioned the photo,

While on a run, this goat started following me ... And kept up for two miles (before being picked up by its owners).

Soon enough, people caught wind of the set of eyebrows situated on the man's face.

Some people say eyebrows are the most important facial feature, and this guy's are doing something vicious to set him apart from the crowd.

They're dark; they're bold; they're mysterious and alluring. Are they naturally furrowed, or is he trying to squeeze out a facial expression? Does he wax or thread? Is tinting the name of his game?

Fellow Reddit users were curious about these eyebrows, and took to Photoshop to tell different stories about the boy and his goat.

Here, a browless man wonders if this ravenous goat will eat his mustache next:


Here, a French painter is curious if the goat smells that too:


Here, Leonardo DiCaprio stars in a new thriller, "Eyebrow Island":


Here, a French painter ponders when he became so good a shepherding goats:


Here, a boy gets a makeover and realizes his eyebrows are still there:


Here, a Groucho Marx imposter hopes people will laugh with him, not at him:


Lucky for this guy, eyebrows are in. We all know what's really going on here: Those eyebrows are enviable.

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