Lifestyle — Here's What Pulling An All-Nighter Really Does To Your Body

In college, pulling an all-nighter is as normal as drinking a Natty Light. Both are basically an induction into college.

You put off writing a paper you had the whole semester to complete until the night before it's due. Now that boring task has become exciting, dangerous even. Accompanied by a pack of energy drinks, you bust out the paper as the sun sets and rises, finishing the last couple sentences with minutes to spare before it's due.

You feel like a real academic hero, but you also feel like a huge pile of sh*t.

If you knew all the negative effects -- both short-term and long-term -- of pulling an all-nighter, would you still do it? Did you know after just one night without sleep, your skin ages and you mess with your working memory for the rest of your procrastinating life?

Watch the video above and see if it changes your mind, or at least gets you to pull those all-nighters less often.

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