Professor Uses Pop Quiz To Shame Two Students In Front Of Their Entire Class

A professor decided to play a cruel, albeit ingenious prank on his or her students during a pop quiz.

Basically, the teacher handed out a pop quiz to all the students, except that all but two received this piece of paper:

Sit quietly at your desk for a few minutes, get up say that was easy and turn in your quiz. Do not say anything to Jerry and Robby.

As for Jerry and Robby, however, they were given a real pop quiz, with 10 questions on it.

The plan was, of course, to have every student hand in the paper quickly and have Jerry and Robby freak out wondering how people could have finished so fast, fearing that they must not know something important.


Being a professor is probably pretty boring sometimes. I mean, think about what teachers — high school teachers — actually do: They stand in front of a classroom, explaining complex information that will soon be forgotten to a crowd of hormonally raging teenaged humanoids who want to do literally anything but listen to what you are saying. Oh, and by the way, what you are saying is the exact thing you say every single year.

This sort of thing has happened to me in my real life, throughout the course of my illustrious academic career — except that it wasn't a prank. I just didn't study for something, or studied for the wrong thing, or was a lot dumber than everyone in 11th-grade math.


I don't know what these two kids did to incur the wrath of their educational professional, but clearly they messed with a capable adversary.

Commenters on the Reddit post which brought this pretty amazing prank to light question how ethical the prank was — and to them, I say, "Stop being fucking nerds. This teacher is amazing and I will not have you slandering his or her name."