Pornhub Already Won April Fools' Day With This Hilarious Prank

by Connor Toole

There are apparently people out there who actually enjoy April Fools' Day, and those people never had to deal with the trust issues that come from being bombarded with the pranks that will flood the Internet today.

I don't want to go into the details of how I came across this story, but it would appear Pornhub is feeling the holiday spirit (and presumably making millions of horny people incredibly confused in the process).

Instead of the NSFW content that normally graces the site's main page, anyone who visits the site today will be redirected to "Cornhub,"a website filled with the hottest videos of steamy corn on the cob.

The front page features all of the corny puns you need in your life.


While the ads might still be NSFW, each video features exactly what it promises: corn.


I like to think the world will remember April 1, 2016 as the day millions of people discovered they were more turned on by corn than they ever thought possible.