The 'Polo Bolo' Is The Fashion Trend You Never Knew You Were Missing (Photos)

by Connor Toole and Alec MacDonald

I've seen "The Devil Wears Prada" more times than I should probably admit in a public forum, so I used to think I had a pretty good handle on how the world of style and fashion really works.

However, as the lists and trend pieces that used to appear in actual magazines have slowly started to premiere on the Internet, I (like most people) rely on aggregated lists of Instagram photos and Tumblr posts to figure out what I'm supposed to think is cool and hip.

I first noticed this phenomenon during the rapid rise of the man bun, a trend thats inability to go away made it the "Let It Go" of hairstyles.

There was also the lumbersexual because some people prefer to store their unnecessary amount of hair below their chin instead.

At some point, people decided there's no growing a luscious beard if you're not going to stick flowers in it...

...or dye it blue and finally know what it's like to be a merman (without the whole "being able to breathe underwater and having no dick" thing).

However, as the summer comes to a close, it's time to shift our focus to a brand new trend that promises it is going to be the hottest thing to hit the streets this fall.

It's called the "Polo Bolo." And it. Is. Every. Thing.

Combining the timeless sophistication of the polo shirt...

...with the eternal suaveness of a bolo tie...

...there's a reason the Polo Bolo is the only look you should be rocking right now.

Nothing says "I know what class is" like this classic combination.

Who needs flowers in their beard when there's a Bolo Polo below it?

It's the perfect outfit for getting hotter...

...but just as practical for when you want to chill.

And if you really need to cool down, the "Solo Bolo" is always an option.

The best part? Just like those ugly ties your dad wears to work, you can use the Polo Bolo to show off the things you love (like real dead scorpions).

As long as those things are kitschy tribute to Western Americana.

If you are not rocking this look this fall, no one will have sex with you. Without it, you will become a virgin again.

Because the Polo Bolo isn't just a cool, trendy new look, it's a way of life. It's a philosophy.