This Polar Bear Breaking Into A Cabin To Eat Bacon Is All Of Us (Video)

If you want to eat your snacks, eat them now because a polar bear could come by and eat them (and you) at any freaking moment.

A vlog created by the filming crew of the BBC nature series “The Hunt” documented the discovery that the bacon, snacks and steak the crew brought were thoroughly hunted by a hungry polar bear with no sense of propriety or personal boundaries.

The wooden doors of the crew's hut were torn from the hinges while the crew was out filming. Empty food containers covered all visible surfaces and a lethargic polar bear lay on the hill beside the hut.

Assistant Producer Sophie Lanfear sifted through the damage. In the video, she said,

A bear breaking in is worse than teenagers at a house party. The difference between a polar bear and a house party is that he left all the alcohol... but everything else... Marmite! He didn't eat the Marmite!

Field Assistant Håvard Festø took inventory of the bear's feast on the vlog. Apparently, the polar bear destroyed every last bit of bacon and continued on his tear.

Festø said,

Mincemeat, steak... sour cream, yogurts, blueberries, the chicken, of course. He ate everything.

The bear came back three times before he was satisfied with his haul from the hut.

As for the crew members, they were likely relieved to keep their skin and forsake just their salty meats.

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