Pokémon Go User Find Couple Wearing Pig Masks Having Sex

By now, most people with unbreakable Pokémon Go addictions have taken their mushy love letters regarding the revolutionary mobile game off of the Internet.

Regardless, people are still playing Pokémon Go more than ever and the ridiculous stories are still rolling in faster than you can ask, "Did this guy actually catch a Pokémon while his wife gave birth?!"

The answer is yes.

The most recent bizarre incident to take place while gamers played Pokémon Go, however, might just be the craziest story yet.

According to Mashable, a Swedish couple in the 2,000-person town of Insjön were caught wearing creepy rubber pig masks by Pokémon Go players.

After the teenagers had spotted the couple, the pig mask-wearers pointed blinding green lasers at them and took off running.

In an interview regarding the bizarre stunt, one of the witnesses told Swedish newspaper Dalarnas Tidningar,

They wore rubber masks depicting pigs' heads and they started screaming and waving green lasers.

Sure, the pig masks alone are pretty damn creepy but that's not the shocker.

The couple, seen sporting matching "King" and "Queen" shirts, were caught having sex while wearing the pig masks, giving the teenage Pokémon players a sight they'll never be able to un-see.

Once the Pokémon Go players left the scene, the couple decided to take their talents to a historic water wheel in the town and have sex right there.

The teens made it out unscathed but like I said, they'll have this image engraved in their memory forever. And to think, all they were trying to do was catch a couple of Pikachus.

After authorities were contacted regarding the incident, their biggest concern was regarding the laser pointers (not the sex or the pig masks).

Swedish law enforcement officer Daniel Hagthorpe told the newspaper,

Pointing at someone with a green laser can cause injury if it hits the eye.

I get it, these lasers can cause permanent damage to the eye but I think MOST of the damage was done to these innocent teens after they witnessed people in pig masks having weird pig mask-wearing sex in front of a prestigious town monument.

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