This New Podcast Is The Only Thing You Should Listen To During Your Commute


I love podcasts. They're completely free, they deliver hours of content and you can listen to them while a banker with body odor shoves his armpit into your mouth on the train.

I listen to tons of different podcasts, but this is the first one I'm writing about because it's so incredible and has a bit more mass appeal than some of the weirder ones I get into (like “How To Know If You're A Robot Or Not,” a totally not fake podcast hosted by Bill Nye).

This incredible podcast is called "2 Dope Queens."


The brand-new podcast is hosted by Jessica Williams (the best person on "The Daily Show" whom some wanted to take over for Jon Stewart), and Phoebe Robinson (a stand-up comedian who is so funny she made me shoot iced coffee out of my nose holes Wednesday on the subway).

The two ladies host a stand-up show every week in New York City, and the podcast is a live recording of that show. Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson pal around, discussing anal, racism and everything in between. (Assh*le bleaching, I'm guessing?) Then, they introduce comedians who do around 10 minutes of stand-up.

This means you essentially get to go to one of Williams and Robinson's shows completely for free, and hear some totally polished, absolutely hilarious stand-up whenever you want. The two hosts, and all the stand-ups, hold nothing back. No subject is too crude or risky to tackle. Bascially, they discuss the stuff Millennials are too scared to say in public.

The funniest thing about this podcast is it's put out by WNYC. That's an NPR radio station, people. So, like, 80-year-old jazz aficionados are tuning in to Williams and Robinson discuss racist cab drivers and whether or not to use anal lube.

Seriously, just go listen. I guarantee you won't regret it. There isn't a person under 35 who won't like this podcast.

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