Plane Made Emergency Landing After Farting Sheep Set Off Smoke Detectors (Video)

A Singapore Airlines plane had to make an emergency landing in Bali after an onboard smoke detector went off due to *composes self as best he can as he attempts to prove he is indeed an adult reporting the news* too many sheep farts.

The Aviation Herald reports although there was no actual smoke or fire in the plane, the aircraft's sensors were tricked into thinking the cabin was in danger due to the *composes self again; you are an ADULT telling THE NEWS, Eitan* poops and farts of 2,186 sheep hitching a ride to Kuala Lumpur.

Both the crew and *EITAN, THE WORLD NEEDS TO READ THIS BECAUSE IT IS THE NEWS; COMPOSE YOURSELF, DAMMIT* poopy fart-filled sheeps are currently safe and sound… and that sound is *makes fart sound.*


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