These Photos Show The Differences Between Single And Taken Guys

by Robert Anthony

Let's be honest here, a lot changes when a guy trades in his life as a bachelor for a serious, committed girlfriend.

As a matter of fact, when we're single, we can't even try to relate to our buddies in long-term relationships.

Of course, there are pros and cons to being in either of these situations. If you're single, you can actually see what this whole Tinder thing is all about.

And if you're taken, you don't have to waste your time feeling miserable about yourself for actually using dating apps.

But what are the real, everyday differences between being a single guy versus being a taken guy?

We came across an interesting visual series illustrated by ScrollDroll that highlights the major differences between the two.

The results? Well, they're eye-opening to say the least!

When you're single, you're driving way faster than you would with a girlfriend in the car.

When you're taken, you sit in the very back of the movie theater, and you probably never even watch the movie. When you're single, you even watch the previews.

When you're single, you can accept friend requests from all of your groupies. When you're taken, good luck.

When you're taken, it's your relationship over your bros. But when you're single, your bros are all you really have.

When you're single, your heart is half empty, and when you're taken, it's full. When you're taken, your wallet cries itself to sleep at night. When you're single, budgets are non-existent, and you actually have spending money. When you're single Valentine's Day is just called Feb. 14 to you. When you're taken, you better have made plans. When you're taken, your face is always freshly shaved. When you're single, who gives a f*ck?! When you're taken, you're used to two-hour phone calls. When you're single, you're used to 21-second phone calls to your weed dealer.

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