Creepy Dancer Gets Caught Staring At Katy Perry During Halftime Show (Photo)

The Dancing Sharks were the undisputed stars of the halftime show at last night's Super Bowl, but they were far from the only performers who deserve some recognition for the role they played in the "acid flashback" portion of Katy Perry's performance.

You can't ignore the influence of the smiling beach balls and constantly bobbing palm trees, and while they might have been a bit less involved, you still have to acknowledge the people in white hooded sweatshirts who got paid to move fake waves back and forth on the stage.

One viewer paused the television at the perfect time during the performance and was able to catch one of those performers staring at Katy Perry with a giant smile on his face.

I know that "enthusiastically grinning" was probably part of the job description, but I'm just going to pretend he was smiling for a different reason entirely. It makes the picture a lot more enjoyable.