Passover 'Uptown Funk' Will Make You Rise, Even If Your Bread Doesn't (Video)

You've heard of "Uptown Funk." And you've heard of "Dark Lord Funk." Well, now you can hear about "Uptown Passover."

What happens in this video? I'm glad you asked. Let me explain.

It's a hilariously [insert appropriate Jewish pun] parody of "Uptown Funk."

This video goes out to all my [Jewish pun regarding a group of my Jewish friends] because this hyper-catchy tune has been transformed into a mitzvah with chutzpah (I'm pretty sure I only used one of those terms correctly).

As you can tell, I'm a little outclassed by the guys in this video when it comes to wordplay involving Hebrew, so I suggest you just watch the video to experience their brilliance in full.

But I'll leave you with this: Everyone thought this song would stay at number one for a week, but eight weeks later, it was still burning at number one.