Kids Hilariously Get Tricked Into Thinking Parents Ate All Their Candy (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel's war on children continues.

I don’t think there is anyone on this planet who enjoys f*cking with children’s emotions more than Jimmy Kimmel.

He literally made a brand out of making children cry like they just got booster shots or they just found out their grandmas have to go back home.

This is how big Kimmel is: A couple of kids knew this was a trick AND knew it was from "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" specifically.

You know how massive that is?! Kids don’t know ANYTHING. I used to ask my cousins what they were watching on TV while the TV was on, and they would have no idea.

The fact Jimmy Kimmel has name recognition among a community of people in this world who don’t always remember to get out of their beds to pee is mystifying.